The Calcomp SP7-HD742 Scanner


SP7-HD742 42"
A 42" monochrome and color capable scanner.

With exclusive 24 month on site warranty !!

42" Base Unit + Package

List Price
$ 14,900.00

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42" Plus Unit + Package

List Price
$ 16,900.00

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Scanning Superiority One Touch Scanning
This professional scanner meets all your wide-format scanning needs with high-quality grayscale, crisp, clear black-and-white and photo-realistic colors.

The SP-HD742 sets new standards for large format scanning speeds, scanning a full E-size (A0) drawing at 400 dpi turbo in only 5 seconds.

An image depends on its many graytones to bring out details and give it depth. On the SP-HD742 graytones are captured at 16 bits for maximum precision, passing the best 8 bits of graytone data to the computer. For color scanning, perfect color fidelity is ensured by capturing 48 bits of color data and passing the best 24 bits to the computer.

The SP-HD742 uses All-Digital cameras with advanced point-of-origin capture and on-board digital conversion ensuring minimum noise and an extended dynamic range. The scanner’s unique four-linear CCD technology, with a special panchromatic line, ensures that no colors are lost when scanning monochrome.

Quality color matched fluorescent lamps ensure the market’s highest standards for color correctness. The SP-HD742 can scan up to 0.6-inch (15mm.) thick originals such as drawings, maps and posters mounted on foam boards, gatorboards etc.


The SP-HD742's operator’s panel is designed with convenient programmable action buttons for initiating common tasks directly from the scanner. Each button immediately activates a scan and opens the image in an appropriate application and format. The scanner comes with action buttons for scanning, copying and e-mailing loaded originals and can be reconfigured for other tasks.

Care for your original
The Calcomp All-Wheel-Drive with contour adjustment and precision rollers ensures a perfectly straight scanning path without using unnecessary force so you avoid both image distortion and damage to your customer’s fragile originals.

Dual shared axels synchronize roller movement to ensure a straight and stable scan path. Suspension components apply pressure evenly across the whole width of the document for an optimal yet delicate hold. The roller’s soft-friction contact surface adds the final touch to a system that cares for your original and for your scan results.

  • Fast monochrome scanner with added color capabilities.
  • Quality color scanning
  • 16 bit graytone capture for perfect reproduction of grayscales.
  • 48-bit color capture for photo-realistic vivid colors.
  • All-Wheel-Drive precision tracking system for a straight scan path without distortion.
  • Calibrates to both sRGB and NTSC color spaces.
  • 3C Auto-Maintenance system for fully automatic camera alignment, stitching, black/white point setting and calibration.
  • Advanced Power Management system for optimal working temperature, noise reduction and timer controlled automatic power on/off.
  • Supports USB 2.0 interfaces for flexible and problem-free connectivity.
  • Scan to PDF format option.
  • Scan to network, also across the internet.
  • Two year onsite service included. (USA only)
Copying Made Easy Image Enhancement Power
Connect the SP-HD742 scanner with a large-format printer and you get the perfect large format color and monochrome digital copier. With the scanner’s high precision of details, graytones and colors, users can enlarge their creations to full display sizes without losing quality.

Use JETimage Copy Software with it's Precision Color Management or other color RIP packages to achieve excellent color-matched output on large format printers.

The SP-HD742 contains advanced technology for color and monochrome enhancement. The patented B/W adaptive thresholding works simultaneously on foreground, background, edges and other individual aspects of the original so you produce clean, crisp scans even from poor quality drawings. All processing is embedded in the hardware enabling you to perform powerful image enhancement without overhead and at speeds incomparable to standard software processing.
Flexible Connectivity
The SP-HD742 scanner lets you fit the connection to your immediate needs by offering the standard USB 2.0 interface.

Calcomp scanners protect your investment with support for STI (Still Image Interface) ensuring problem-free compatibility with current and future versions of Windows.

SP-HD742 42" Color Scanner Model BASE PLUS
Maximum Resolution: (in dpi) 1200 9600
Optical Resolution: (in dpi) 600 600
Scan Accuracy: 0.1% +/- 1 pixel X X
Scan Speed: 24 bit color (inches per second) 0.6" /s 1.0"/s
Scan Speed: 8 bit Index color 3.0"/s 3.0"/s
Scan Speed: B/W scans 12.0"/s 12.0"/s
Media Maximum Width: 44" (1092 mm.) X X
Media Maximum Thickness: 0.60" ( 15mm) X X
Number of CCDs 4 4
CCD Type RGB Triplets &
Panchromatic B/W
RGB Triplets &
Panchromatic B/W
Capture (color/gray) 48/16 Bits 48/16 Bits
Interface: USB 2.0 xDTR X X
Scan Width: 42 Inches X X

Download the brochure with technical specifications

Download an all model spec comparison chart


Precision Color Automatic Scanner Maintenance
A new large format scanner may come calibrated from the factory, but as time goes by, components and lamps will change character and affect color output.  The unique Precision Color system lets you maintain perfect color results by harmonizing current scanning factors. You can calibrate in the field, at any time, so you are always ensured stable and predictable color output. The SP-HD742 scanner incorporates the 3C Auto-Maintenance system that keeps your cameras perfectly aligned, adjusted and calibrated for optimal image quality. The process is automatic just insert the maintenance sheet and click the wizard’s start button.

The 3C Auto-Maintenance system aligns and stitches your cameras to a fraction of a pixel giving the highest wide format image precision available. Basic-Calibration sets black-and-white points on each individual pixel and ensures linearity in both highlight and shadow areas giving noise-free and stable scans at all resolutions. Precision Color calibration completes the 3C Auto-maintenance system process.

Once the scanner has been fine-tuned, it performs a number of basic tasks on its own, removing those tedious chores required with other scanner systems. Using patented technology, camera stitching and black-white-points are constantly monitored and corrected while your scanner is running. Calcomp scanners are designed to let you concentrate on your work and take optimal scanner performance for granted.

Accurate Lens Enhancement Technology (ALE)
With this scanner, GIS professionals, CAD and other specialized markets receive a very high grade of precision stability in the scanned image. The patented ALE technology has taken precision scanning to new levels. The ALE  technology maintains a 0.1% +- pixel precision across any two points of the scan line thus exceeding even the most rigid requirements in the industry today

Download the Brochure in PDF


Calcomp HD742  42" Scanner Package includes:

WIDEsystem Kit - tools CD, paper guides, cleaning cloth, mouse pad, scanner maintenance folder, USB 2.0 cable, power cable, dust cover, quick start guide, Nextimage scanning software and a two year on-site warranty.

SP-HD742 Base Unit + Package

scan up to 9600 DPI

List Price

$ 14,900.00

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SP-HD742 HS PLUS + Package

scan up to 9600 DPI,
fastest scanning speeds

List Price
$ 16,900.00


Calcomp SP6-LF742 scanner support stand with paper catch basket.


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Calcomp SP6-LF742 scanner EXIT document support tray


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Calcomp JETImage Net Version copy software List
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