The Calcomp SP7-HD736

36" Large Format Scanner

The Calcomp SP7-HD736 36" Base and Plus model scanners are designed to give professionals the best in high speed monochrome scanning with the additional option of quality color scanning for special jobs.

The scanner's 36" imaging area handles E-size/A0 engineering drawings, architectural sketches, blueprints, sepias, detailed maps, drawings and  large color posters. With fast and effective monochrome scanning and the option to scan in perfect color, these highly affordable  devices offer a cost-effective solution for CAD, AEC and GIS professionals worldwide.

List Price
$ 12,900.00

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SP7-HD736 36" Color Scanner Model BASE PLUS
Maximum Resolution: (in dpi) 1200 9600
Optical Resolution: (in dpi) 600 600
Scan Accuracy: 0.1% +/- 1 pixel X X
Scan Speed (turbo mode): 24 bit color (inches per second) 0.6" /s 1.0"/s
Scan Speed (turbo mode): 8 bit Index color 1.5"/s 1.5"/s
Scan Speed (turbo mode): B/W scans 12.0"/s 12.0"/s
Media Maximum Width: 44" (1092 mm.) X X
Media Maximum Thickness: 0.60" ( 15mm) X X
Number of CCDs 4 4
CCD Type: RGB Triplets & Panchromatic B/W X X
Capture (color/gray) 48/16 Bits 48/16 Bits
Interface Options USB 2.0 xDTR X X
Scan Width: 36 Inches (914 mm.) X X

Download the brochure with tech specs here

Download an all model spec comparison chart

  • Fast monochrome scanner with added color capabilities.
  • Quality color scanning
  • 16 bit graytone capture for perfect reproduction of grayscales.
  • 48-bit color capture for photo-realistic vivid colors.
  • One Touch Scan buttons for scan, copy, and scan to email.
  • Advanced image enhancement includes sharpening, softening, blur, 2D-adaptive, ADL+ copy and more.
  • Optimal scan and copy modes designed specifically for documents such as sepia, blueprint, etc.
  • All-Wheel-Drive precision tracking system for a straight scan path without distortion.
  • Built-in Precision Color system with calibration for stabile and predictable color output.
  • Calibrates to both sRGB and NTSC color spaces.
  • 3C Auto-Maintenance system for fully automatic camera alignment, stitching, black/white point setting and calibration.
  • Advanced Power Management system for optimal working temperature, noise reduction and timer controlled automatic power on/off.
  • Scan to PDF format option.
  • Scan to network, also across the internet.
  • Two year onsite service included. (USA only)

Download the Brochure with the specs, here


Calcomp SP7-HD736 36" Scanner Package includes:

WIDEsystem Kit - tools CD, paper guides, cleaning cloth, mouse pad, scanner maintenance folder, USB 2.0 cable, power cable, dust cover, quick start guide, Nextimage scanning software and a two year on-site warranty.

SP7-HD736 36"
Base Unit + Package

scan up to 1200 dpi

List Price
$ 12,900.00

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SP7-HD736 36"
PLUS Unit + Package

scan up to 9600 DPI,
fastest scanning speeds

List Price
$ 14,900.00

Save Thousands!

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Calcomp SP7-HD736 36" scanner support stand with paper catch basket.


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Calcomp 36" scanner EXIT document support tray

 List $290.00

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Calcomp JETImage Net Version copy software

$ 1990.00
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Calcomp 24 month On Site Support Warranty Upgrade

$ 2,595

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