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JETimage copy software is the ultimate tool for copy professionals. It is designed especially for large-format copying in regard to speed, flexibility and production of high-quality color matched copies. The JETimage 30 day demo edition is supplied free of charge, with every Calcomp wide-format and full-scale scanner.

Calcomp JETImage Net Version print/copy software

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$ 1990.00

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$ 1890.00

Make top quality copies in 5 Easy Steps
JETimage Net is designed for both simple and demanding copy tasks. The JETimage Net system is easily set up and configured to your office’s needs and standards. After that, large-format copying becomes as easy as using your conventional office copy machine. Copying can be performed in five easy steps:
1. You select color or B/W copying.
2. Select the type of original you are copying from a list.
3. Set the size of the original
4. Set the size you want your copy printed in.
5. Press the copy button.

JETimage Net contains predefined settings for common copy jobs and original types. Just select the option that best describes your copy task and let the system do the rest.

Reproducing Color
Large-format color copying requires high precision capture and fully adjustable color parameters. For demanding copy assignments you can make optimal settings, perfectly tuned to your current original. Options include the image capture method, lightness, saturation, RGB color balance, black-and-white level and sharpen/blur filters. High-quality color results can only be obtained if the capture device (scanner) and output device (printer) "see" colors in the same way on a given printing media. JETimage Net ensures optimal color consistency between the scanned original and printed copy with color matching data stored in Media Profiles for the printer (s) on your system.

Powerful B/W Copying
B/W copying takes advantage of the Calcomp scanner’s Dual 2D-Adaptive enhancement features with ADL+ error diffusion half-toning. JETimage Net will copy your most demanding B/W and graytone originals with all the shades of gray intact on your printed output. JETimage Net supports predefined templates for normal drawings, blueprints, sepias and photos. JETimage Net emulates the image processing features in the software for those scanner models without embedded hardware processing, bringing state-of-the-art copy image technology to the whole line of Calcomp wide-format and full-scale scanners.

JETimage Net
JETimage Net packs additional advanced features designed for demanding copy professionals. Extra flexibility is added with scan-to-file and print-from-file options. The accounting function enables a copy house to keep track of copying and paper usage per user account. The Net edition also supports advanced layout options such as paneling, tiling and nesting of printed output. Nesting copies optimally on large paper formats can help economize expensive printing media. With tiling and paneling you can combine large-format image sections and create huge enlargements. Professional Copying and printing!.

This Program is part of the WIDEsystem KIT and comes free with a new Calcomp scanner. The JETimageNET software will only copy a file to a printer, not SAVE a file to a destination hard drive.

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JETImage Net Version

Print/Copy Software

$ 1990.00

$ 1890.00

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