3C - Maintenance System

The Calcomp 3C Maintenance system is designed to help you keep your cameras perfectly aligned, adjusted and calibrated for optimal image quality. Regular scanner maintenance is a sure way to minimize costly downtime.

Scanner Maintenance, with the Scanner Maintenance Kit, is very easy to perform and most of it is completely automatic.

Easy to use tools for scanner maintenance, including alignment and calibration charts are supplied with Calcomp scanners. A Scanner Maintenance CD-ROM contains wizards that check the scanner and guide users through the steps for perfect scanner camera alignment, stitching and calibration. The Scanner Maintenance software and the scanner hardware work together to evaluate camera alignment on your scanner and help you make the corrections necessary for perfect alignment (height and stitching) on your cameras to a fraction of a pixel giving the market's highest wide format image precision.

After Camera alignment, the program goes straight to Basic (black and white point) and Color Calibration. You don't have to insert extra sheets or find camera positions on the scanner. The Maintenance program detects the scanner model and makes all the necessary calculations on its own. Easy and fast scanner calibration means that your scanner never suffers degradation, as is the case with other scanner devices with complicated or missing calibration support. The scanner's Precision Color system lets you calibrate on the field at any time ensuring stabile and predictable color output. The scanner is calibrated to both sRGB and NTSC color spaces using an ANSI IT8 calibration target.

Auto Monitoring and Correction
Once the scanner has been fine-tuned, it performs a number of basic tasks on its own, removing those tedious chores required with other scanner systems. Using patented Calcomp technology, camera stitching and black-white-points are constantly monitored and corrected while your scanner is running. Calcomp scanners are designed to let you concentrate on your work and take optimal scanner performance for granted.
The 3C Scanner Maintenance Kit

The tools for scanner maintenance are supplied with each Calcomp scanner.
The Kit is composed of the following items:

  • Protective cover with Scanner Maintenance Sheet enclosed.
  • Scanner Maintenance Instruction poster
  • Scanner Maintenance software program on CD-ROM
  • Special lint-free cloth for cleaning the scan area
Your Maintenance Kit includes a single maintenance sheet that is used by the scanner for perfect alignment, stitching, basic and color calibration. The sheet comes with a hard opaque cardboard storage cover that protects it from smudges, creases and fading from light.


The Scanner Maintenance Instruction poster gives users a step-by-step recipe for correct scanner maintenance. It is logically divided into the maintenance functions and each step is illustrated and supported by straightforward texts. The poster is printed on high-quality cardboard for durability and it is perfect for hanging on the wall near the scanner.

View/print the 3C Maintenance instruction poster as A4 formatted pdf file:
Magnum, Chroma, Panorama, Crystal scanners
Cougar 25, Cougar 36, Chameleon 25, Chameleon 36 scanners



The Scanner Maintenance program is delivered on a CD-ROM with the scanner. The program checks your scanner and guides you through the steps for perfect scanner camera alignment, stitching and calibration. Many of the tasks are completely automatic, so the user only needs to start the process and verify the wizard's progress.
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