Flatbed scanners at great prices!!

We carry a complete line of flatbed scanners for your document imaging needs. From such well know industry names like Fujitsu, Kodak, Canon, Panasonic and Visioneer, we have the  flatbed scanner your looking for. These scanners are not the ones you buy at the local department store. They are designed to provide a high quality image, at a faster speed. Please use the chart below to factor in your specifications 

kodak flatbed scanner
The Kodak i2900 Scanner with A4 size flatbed.

Fujitsu fi-7700 flatbed scanner

The Fujitsu fi-7700 scanner with 11"x17" flatbed scan area

We offer better than list prices on all our scanners !!

Scanners (w/ADF)
(ppm/ipm) DPI (max) ADF ADF
Flatbed Your Price
Fujitsu fi-7260 60/120 600 75 8.5x14 8.5x11 $1260
Canon Scanner
dr-m160ii + flatbed 
60/120 600 60 8.5x14 8.5x14 $1275
Kodak scanner
i2620 + Flatbed
50/100 600 50 8.5x14 8.5x14 $ 1346
Fujitsu scanner
80/160 600 75 8.5x14 8.5x11 $1835
Kodak scanner
i2900 Flatbed
60/120 600 250 8.5x14 8.5x11 $ 2638
Xerox DocuMate
30/60 600 75 11x17 11x17 $1979
Kodak scanner
i3250 Flatbed
50/100 600 250 11x17 8.5x11 $ 3414
Kodak scanner
i3450 Flatbed
90/180 600 250 11x17 8.5x11 $ 4549

Kodak Series scanners.
Kodak has a flatbed accessory that is attachable to most of their
departmental and higher models via a cable. The i3250 & i3450 series have a built-in flatbed, as does the i2900. NOTE you can purchase an 11"x17" flatbed accessory for all the major Kodak models, too.

Fujitsu scanner
100/200 600 300 11x17 11x17 $5369

95/190 600 200 11x17 11x17 $6681

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Not all manufacturers clearly state if the largest scan size is the size that can be used for the ADF or the flatbed. For some scanners, an ADF might be able to only feed 8.5x14 papers, but flatbed scanners may scan up to 11x17 if you raise the cover and place the paper face down on the glass each time.

PLEASE keep this in mind: Scanners are rated differently. Some scanners may scan 50 pages a minute or 24,000 pages a day BUT they are rated for only 1000 pages a DAY. If you want to push MORE than 1000 pages a day through a scanner, do not expect the scanner to last as long a period of time without maintenance. Consider buying a high speed scanner, which is rated higher in terms of longevity.

Most of the scanners shown here come with the software to run the scanner. If you have software to run these document scanners, but need to index the data after you scan the images, then we recommend the Kodak scanners' and their software.

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Best Sellers

Kodak i1150
25/50 ipm

Kodak i2600 scanner
   Kodak i2420
40 ppm/80 ipm
3 Yr. Wty.

Fujitsu fi-7160 scanner
Fujitsu fi-7160

60 ppm/120 ipm

KV-S1057C scanner

65 ppm/130 ipm
3 Yr. Warranty

fi-7260 Scanner flatbed
Fujitsu fi-7260
Flatbed scanner
60 ppm/120 ipm

Panasonic kv-s2087 scanner
85 ppm/170 ipm
3 Yr. Wty

Canon dr-g1100 scanner


kodak i3450 flatbed scanner
i3450 w/flatbed

90 ppm/180 ipm

Kodak i4250 scanner

Kodak i4250

   handles up to
40,000 scans
a day !

 Best Sellers