Document imaging software

Document imaging software are efficient and effective, but expensive if you buy the wrong software. A document imaging software that requires a team of programmers to write changes into the software before the software is installed is unaffordable. In addition, document imaging software should not need a full time programmer to tweak the software every time someone wants a different report printed.

What is a Document Imaging software?   

    -the simplest definition is:

 A software in which documents are input via document scanners, or  indexed -based on a unique value or set of values, and input into a database to be made available across a network for access by a group of users.

Variables include: who has access to those documents, what values are indexed,  when the documents are imaged, where the imaged documents are stored, why the document is in the software and how the document gets into the software.

ScanTastik is Value Added Reseller for PaperTrack,
the Document imaging software

As a service bureau which scans, indexes and inputs data in a document imaging system, we have seen examples of other software where thousands of dollars were spent on programming  to adapt the software to the customer needs, after the company have purchased the 'complete' software package. Don't be fooled into buying software that "can be programmed to fit your company's requirements". The PaperTrack document imaging software can be point-and-click configured by your system administrator to do the tasks you need to do. No calling outside programmers, no need for internal programmers, just point and click configuration.

 Cost of ownership is an important part of any document imaging system. PaperTrack Software's document imaging system has a very low cost of ownership.


 Document Imaging Software Will I outgrow it??

This is not a simple document imaging software like the number one brand,
if you want to, start out with theirs, you'll spend about $50,000 more. 

Then you'll outgrow it and want something new in a year or two. Except theirs can't grow, you can't add modules seamlessly. You'll have to start  with a new software module, or you'll get a new programmer in to write even more proprietary code. Even worse, you may have to add another server to run additional modules. Just want the IS manager wants, another server to baby-sit for one module. 

 You may even have to incur "conversion fees" to export your data out of a proprietary system/format. Conversion fees can run anywhere from $.05 to $.15 an image.  A half million record system may cost $50,000 or more to convert!  Avoid that by buying a system that stores documents in their native format, like PaperTrack. 

We have more information on the Document Imaging software in our PaperTrack section.

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Kodak i1150
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   Kodak i2420
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Fujitsu fi-7160

60 ppm/120 ipm

KV-S1057C scanner

65 ppm/130 ipm
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fi-7260 Scanner flatbed
Fujitsu fi-7260
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kodak i3450 flatbed scanner
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Kodak i4250

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